Here it is, another New Year! And each year many of us dedicate this “new beginning” time to evaluate and update many things in our lives – finances, jobs, family life, goals, health – and when we think about our health this would include reviewing our supplement regime. Often times during the year we add things into our daily supplement routine that, at the time, we thought was what we need. However, that is not always the case. So this is a good time to review and perhaps revamp what we are taking.

Let’s take a look at some basics of supplements. What should be our foundation to start the year? Remember, supplements are designed to fill in the nutritional gaps we might have in our diet – supplements are NOT to be thought of as the “instead of a healthy diet” quick fix.

First, many of us take a daily multivitamin, which is a great place to start. A high quality multivitamin can provide you with the basic vitamins and minerals you want. It’s important to review the supplement facts box on your vitamins. Look for a whole food multivitamin or at least one that is a whole food BASE multivitamin. A whole food vitamin is pretty self explanatory – the supplement is made from FOOD – which would be noted on the supplement facts panel. A whole food base means that whole food is part of the formula and other vitamins and minerals are then incorporated into the blend to round out the vitamin and mineral requirements. Look at the supplement facts to make sure food is part of your daily multivitamin.

Country Life® offers a great option for a basic one tablet a day multivitamin and mineral supplement with the Core Daily® One products.

These fermented whole food base products provide not only whole food, but also coenzyme B-Vitamins, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and inner filet aloe vera! These are a fantastic gender specific basic multi along with an option for those over 50 years of age. The 50+ products (both men’s and women’s) include the addition of ingredients Sharp PS-Gold® and betaine hydrochloride.

Second on the list of basics would be a B-Complex. B vitamins do more than just support energy production. They are also necessary for carbohydrate metabolism, immune system support, as well as cardiovascular and nervous system support.

However, all B-Complex supplements are not created equal. You want to look for the coenzyme forms of your B-Complex because that means they are biologically active to support utilization of these essential nutrients. This is also where it is important to read the supplement facts panel because not all products labeled Coenzyme B-Complex contain all 7 of the coenzyme B Vitamins. One product that does is the Country Life® Coenzyme B-Complex.

Third on the list is gut health. Many of us take probiotics, digestive enzymes, fiber, and a host of other products in an effort to support our gut. And if your gut isn’t healthy it may affect the way your body digests and absorbs your nutrients. Also keep in mind that over 70% of our immune system resides in the gut as well, so paying attention to gut health should be one of your top priorities for the new year.

But, what is the best way to keep your gut (and your microbiome) in good health?  There are many factors that are important for a balanced microbiome. It’s not all about taking just probiotics. The microbiome consists of trillions of cells and supports not only the immune system but also digestion, cognition, sleep, energy, weight, mood and stress response. And remember, we each have a unique microbiome composition – just like we all have a unique fingerprint! So it’s important to look at how you can support that entire system based on your body’s needs.

There is an ingredient, Epicor®, that has been studied and has been found to really support your individual gut health needs. Research done at Ghent University showed that taking 630 mg of Epicor® daily supports butyrate production (a short chain fatty acid found in the gut lining) and helps balance the gut bacteria. It also provides fast acting (within 2 hours) immune support. Epicor® is produced by a proprietary fermentation process using a non-GMO specialized strain of bakers yeast.

Country Life® has developed a line of products that addresses gut health, the immune system, and specific health concerns all in one product. GUT CONNECTION!

This line of supplements can help you #PowerYourGreatness because no matter which formula you choose (based on the health concern you are looking to address) each daily dose contains the 630 mg of Epicor® that can play such a vital role in your gut and immune health.

These items (Core Daily 1, Coenzyme B-Complex, and a Gut Connection product) are the top 3 supplements forming your foundation to build upon. After these is when you can make things more personalized.

What about bone support? Do you need to take something to help with your bone health? Did you know the majority of calcium in your bones is in the form of hydroxyapatite? Is that the form of calcium in the supplement you’re taking? Best to look at your supplement facts panel and see what form of calcium is there!

Country Life® has an amazing two tablet a day calcium/magnesium product that provides the hydroxyapatite.

Have you been told by your health care provider that your Vitamin D levels are low? Taking a Vitamin D3 (the form of Vitamin D utilized in the body) product may help you increase those levels. Vitamin D is important for many functions in the body including supporting bone health and immune system support. Look to Country Life® for great Vitamin D supplements.

With a such a wide range of dosages and delivery options you can find the just the right Country Life® Vitamin D product to meet your needs!

The above is only a few suggestions to have for your foundation. Depending on your personal needs there could be more products that you might consider, but the above 5 are a good place to start.

As always, we recommend you contact your health care provider before changing or adding anything to your current routine.

Country Life® is here to provide you with high quality products designed to help you #PowerYourGreatness!

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