• Konjac Root Extract

    (Skin-Cera ®)(5% glycosylceramides equal to 2.5 mg)

    50 mg

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Supplement Facts

Looking to clear whiteheads & blackheads? Improve hyperpigmentation? Moisturize & balance your skin? Look no further! The #1 Hair, Skin and Nails brand is back with another must-have. Maxi-SkinⓇ CeraClear™ is shown to produce visible results in only 6 weeks!^**

Maxi-SkinⓇ CeraClear™ is the first beauty supplement on the market in North America with Skin-CeraⓇ, clinically studied vegan ceramides from Konjac root. Konjac ceramides are a non-drying, non-cystic acne solution that helps clear whiteheads and blackheads.^**

Also shown to improve hyperpigmentation; that occurs when patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin, and help moisturize the skin by alleviating dryness and balancing oiliness.^**

^Randomized, single blind, placebo-controlled clinical study in 51 healthy women and men 18-60 years with a daily intake of 100 mg SkinCera™ for 6 weeks.

SPINS Total Natural Enhanced, 3/21/2021