• Magnesium

    (as magnesium citrate)

  • EpiCor® dried yeast fermentate

    (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

  • Melatonin


Product details

Supplement Facts

Modern factors that ruin a good night’s rest are all around us, from blue light emissions to too many desk lunches. Promoting healthy gut microbiota balance can be a smart way to approach healthy restful sleep. Gut Connection® Sleep Balance™ is scientifically formulated with Epicor® whole food fermentate to help improve digestive and immune health. ** Along with a seamless combination of helpful gut-focused ingredients, each dose contains magnesium citrate which aids muscle relaxation to support sleep, and melatonin to help you have restful sleep.** Try any product from the Gut Connection line with confidence, with our Money Back Guarantee.

You’ll love it! If you are not completely satisfied, request a refund in 60 days. See details at www.GutConnectionRebate.com or call 877-322-8355.