• Men’s Health Blend

    Saw Palmetto Extract (berry) Calcium fructoborate(FruiteX B®)(providing 1 mg Boron) Ginger Extract (root) Pygeum Extract (Pygeum africanum) (bark) Pumpkin Seed Extract Organic Aloe Vera (ACTIValoe®)(100% inner fillet of leaf), Fermented Organic Whole Food Blend, Lycopene

    208 mg
  • Sharp-PS® GOLD

    Conjugated PS-DHA

    56 mg
  • Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex

    (from lemon, orange and grapefruit bioflavonoids (peel), (providing 5.4 mg hesperidin from lemon, orange, grapefruit)(peel))

    25 mg
  • Enzyme and Probiotic Blend

    5.2 mg

Product details

Supplement Facts

Feel strong, feel powerful, feel greatness from within, at any age. Scientifically formulated for men over 50, CORE DAILY-1® FOR MEN 50+ is a once daily multivitamin providing full-spectrum support across 7 key nutritional areas. Simplify your daily nutrition with 200+ mg of our exclusive Men’s Health Blend, as well as over 30 raw whole foods and body-ready “coenzymated” B vitamins to support your energy levels.** Plus, unique ingredients such as saw palmetto, encapsulated tomato lycopene, full spectrum probiotic blend and digestive enzymes, 100% inner fillet aloe vera, Sharp PS® Gold and more.

Sharp-PS® Gold is a registered trademark of Enzymotec Ltd.