• Vitamin C

    (as ascorbic acid)

    90 mg
  • Zinc

    (as zinc picolinate)

    5.5 mg
  • Wellmune® bakers yeast beta glucan

    (from saccharomyces cerevisiae)

  • L-Glutathione reduced



Product details

Supplement Facts

Lung Support when it Matters! Lung Defense™ contains mullein extract, antioxidants. and beta glucan for lung, respiratory & immune health.** This scientifically formulated complex has a Triple Action Approach that provides:

  1. Immune System Support** with clinically studied Wellmune®, providing 250 mg per serving of beta glucan from baker yeast. Wellmune® beta glucan is shown to prime the immune system & support healthy immune function.**
  2. Free Radical Neutralizers** with Vitamin C (free radical scavenger) and Zinc. These essential nutrients play important roles in nutrition, maintenance of health, and neutralizing negative effects of free radicals.** Vitamin C is the most abundant antioxidant in the extracellular fluid lining of the lung.**
  3. Oxidative Stress Support** Due to the high oxygen environment, lungs are susceptible to oxidative stress. Found in relatively high concentrations in many bodily tissues, Glutathione plays a key role in helping to reduce oxidative stress.**