• Vitamin C

    12 mg
  • Zinc

    4 mg
  • SkinAx2™ Skin Health

    providing: Grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera L.) (including 100 mg polyphenols) Zinc citrate Coated vitamin C Melon concentrate (Cucumis melo L.)(fruit) Protected superoxide dismutase (SOD B)

    150 mg

Product details

Supplement Facts

Shown to increase elasticity; improve radiance and reduce imperfections, spots and dark circle color in as little as 8 weeks.†* Maxi-Skin® Rescue supplies you with fruit-based beauty for an even skin tone and proven results.†** A main ingredient in this supplement is derived from a specific variety of French cantaloupe, which has a longer life compared to other melons and contains naturally occurring antioxidant enzymes, glutathione and carotenoids.†** This formula includes clinically tested SkinAx2 for enhanced elasticity, French grape-seed extract polyphenols for antioxidant properties, zinc citrate for cell renewal and vitamin C for protection and skin cell integrity.

†Open label clinical study in 35 healthy women 40-70 years with a daily intake of 150 mg
SkinAx2™ for 2 months. Individual results may vary.