Did you know your skin is your largest organ? And did you know that you not only have to take care of the skin you can see (the epidermis) but you also need to support your skin from the inside so that what you see can be its very best! There are those many topical applications available that can help exfoliate dead skin cells, provide topical moisture, balance pH, etc. And all those things are important. But let’s take a look “skin deep” into what we can do to support skin cells starting on the inside.

We know hydration is important, so getting plenty of water every day will support not only skin hydration but also hydration throughout your body. On average about 60% of your body weight is water. That percentage can vary based on body type and age, but it’s a good rule of thumb. And the organs like the brain, kidneys and skin contain some of the highest percentages of water! So, imagine what might happen if you aren’t drinking enough water to keep these vital organs functioning at their best! So don’t skimp on your water consumption.

Nutritional supplements are also available that provide key nutrients that support healthy skin from the inside. Let’s look at something called ceramides. These are lipids (fats) that help form the natural barrier of skin and help maintain skin moisture while protecting it from external aggressors. Ceramides can be found in foods like soybeans, wheat, eggs, and sweet potatoes as well as something called the konjac root. Konjac root has clinical studies showing that 50mg taken twice a day can provide a host of benefits to the skin. An excellent product that contains the Konjac root is Country Life’s Maxi-Skin® CeraClear™.

In addition to the variety of benefits of konjac root, there is a fantastic ingredient, SkinAx2™, (the ingredient in County Life’s Maxi-Skin® Rescue) that is a combination of French melon concentrate, grape seed extract, Vitamin C and Zinc with clinical research showing an increase in skin luminosity, a decrease in dark circles, dark spots, and decrease in reddish-pink skin.**

Power your skins greatness with the combination of these 2 products and see beneficial changes happen for your skin!

SkinAx2™ is a trademark of Activ’Inside.

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