When it comes to your health and wellness, the little things you do each day have a big impact. We’re sharing how to make the most of each day with easy wellness rituals to add to your daily routine.

7 Daily Wellness Rituals for a Healthy Routine

1. Reduce your screen time.

Build a healthy morning routine by giving yourself at least 30 minutes of screen-free time to start your day. We’re all so glued to our phones, laptops and TVs that this one wellness routine update can boost your productivity for the entire day.

2. Drink water before coffee.

Almost every daily routine example includes drinking a glass of water when you first wake up — and for good reason. Starting the day with 8 oz. of water helps you stay hydrated and encourages proper digesting. Adding some lemon or lemon juice boosts the flavor while giving you extra nutrients and phytochemicals, as well.

3. Commit to 30 minutes of exercise.

Physical exercise is an essential part of any healthy daily routine. Find an activity that you love (or one that you can at least tolerate) and aim for 30 minutes each day. Whether it’s walking, running, taking a dance class or lifting weights, regular exercise helps manage your cortisol levels and keep body fat in check.

Pro Tip: Help your muscles recover post-workout with an amino-acid supplement, like our Max-Amino Caps.


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4. Include vegetables at every meal.

Adding veggies to your breakfast, lunch and dinner is a simple way to enhance your daily nutrition. Whether it’s making a veggie omelette, topping your sandwich with some arugula or adding a side salad to your meal, veggies are chock-full of vitamins and minerals.

Pro Tip: Don’t beat yourself up for the occasional treat or holiday indulgence; it happens! Instead, take a daily multivitamin to help cover any nutritional shortfalls as needed. It’s a way to offset these challenges and ensure you’re getting what you need for optimal health.


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5. Listen to your gut.

Your gut health is largely influenced by your gut microbiota, which includes living microorganisms like bacteria or yeast that reside in your digestive tract. When they’re unbalanced, you’re more likely to have occasional digestive distress and bloating. Taking a supplement formulated to balance your gut microbiota is a smart way to keep your digestion in check — even on the days when your diet is less than stellar.


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6. Upgrade your skincare routine.

Taking good care of your skin isn’t just good for your complexion; it’s also a great way to nurture yourself. Take time each day to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin with gentle but effective skincare products.

Pro Tip: Good skin is more than just skin deep, and a healthy diet can have an impact on your complexion. Our beauty vitamins help you glow from the inside out with clean ingredients that support your skin, hair and nails.


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7. Go to bed earlier.

The earlier you go to bed, the more sleep you get at night — and that alone can have a huge impact on how you function throughout the day. Make a habit of getting at least seven hours of nightly shut-eye by committing to an earlier bedtime. 

8. Wake up sooner.

Whether you’re working from home or on the jobsite, getting up earlier allows you extra time to make the most of your morning. By waking up earlier, you can start your day without feeling rushed — and that translates to peace of mind. Use the extra time to sip a cup of coffee, get in a 15-minute workout or just cross off a couple of things on your to-do list.

9. Enhance your immune support. 

Enhance your seasonal defense with supplements that support a healthy immune system. From vitamin C to zinc,  immune health vitamins are an excellent addition to your daily routine.


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In Conclusion

Establishing a healthy routine is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Try incorporating the daily wellness tips above for a healthier and happier new year, new you.

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