This is the fourth segment in our 5 part series about the Country Life® Pledge of Integrity. The integrity of our products and our company is of great importance to us. On every one of the Country Life® products we have our “Pledge of Integrity” printed because it stands for our commitment to our customers that each and every one of our products measures up to all 5 of these Integrity Standards, which are:

  1. Authenticity of Ingredients
  2. Cleanliness of Ingredients
  3. Freshness of Ingredients
  4. Consistency of the Formula
  5. Accuracy of Labeling

In this series we will review each of the integrity standards and what they mean to Country Life® and what they mean and represent to you as our customer.

If you had to define consistency, what would you say? Something that is the same every time?  Following the same plan? Getting the same result each time?

At Country Life® our fourth pillar in our Pledge of Integrity is Consistency in the Formula. Our manufacturing facility is an NSF-GMP certified plant. This means that there are standards followed to insure the best and most consistent products being produced, with quality inspections at each stage of manufacturing. These inspections help us produce products that are uniform (consistent) from batch to batch so the specific products works the same way with each dose no matter when the batch was made. The product is “consistent” with each bottle our customers purchase. It’s similar to following a recipe in the kitchen. The same recipe produces the same end product.

However, just as in the kitchen, we use natural ingredients so there could be color variations from batch to batch. These color variations will not affect the potency of the product.

#PowerYourGreatness knowing that no matter what Country Life® products you use, the formula will work the same way for you from bottle to bottle, year after year.

Watch for the final installment in our Pledge of Integrity series as we look at labeling.

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