Disclaimer: Country Life Vitamins and Dr. Audrey do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. We aim to give you useful information to help you develop your own supplement routine that addresses your unique needs.

In this article, Dr. Audrey, Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Senior National Educator at Country Life Vitamins, discusses common men’s health issues, including hair and skin problems, as well as testosterone issues.

If you’re looking for natural, safe ways to address the men’s health issues you’re facing (or know someone who is experiencing men’s health issues), read on for some useful information.

Men’s Health Issues Over 40

Dr. Audrey has some Country Life Vitamins product recommendations for you.

CLV: What are the products you recommend for men to support hair and skin?

Dr. Audrey: CLV has a lot of products to support skin and hair issues, which we’ve talked about in our hair, skin and nail discussion. However, here, we’re going to talk about a product that’s specifically for men.

Maxi-Hair® For Men has biotin to help with hair and nails. But it also has other B vitamins that support men’s health.

Maxi-Hair® for Men also includes pumpkin seed, saw palmetto, extracts of cruciferous vegetables, DIM and MSM.

Testosterone Challenges for Men

One of the main health problems for men over 50 (although younger men can experience issues as well), is a decrease in testosterone levels. Dr. Audrey explains why this is an issue.

Dr. Audrey: As men age, free testosterone levels naturally decrease - and by the time men are in their 40’s, they start to lose about 1% of their free testosterone levels every year. Testosterone is important for a lot of different functions. It’s good for supporting lean muscle, for energy, vitality, vigor and excitement in the bedroom.

While declining levels of testosterone is a normal part of aging, many men (and women!) want to feel much younger than their numerical age.

CLV: What can men do to address issues related to a decrease in testosterone levels?

Dr. Audrey: They can have their PCP do some tests to see what their testosterone levels are. If it’s decided that taking a supplement to boost testosterone might help, it’s important to choose a quality supplement. To help support testosterone, a key ingredient to look for is Testofen®, a clinically studied fenugreek extract shown to support an increase in free testosterone levels.

TEST, a natural testosterone boosting formula from CLV’s bio-chem line of products, is formulated with Testofen® Fenugreek extract. It supports energy, vitality, vigor, sexual desire, and lean muscle mass when combined with strength training and/or exercise. TEST also includes vitamin D, so it can even help support bones.

More Ways to Support Men’s Health

Men are really starting to look at what they can do to be healthier all throughout the year – and there are plenty of simple and natural ways they can do so. In addition to the products mentioned above for specific men’s health issues, there are two other CLV products that are great for incorporating into a daily wellness ritual:

  1. Taking a daily multivitamin has many benefits for both men and women. Core Daily-1® Daily Multivitamin For Men is formulated with the essential nutrients a man needs for full-spectrum support across seven key nutritional areas.
  1. Prosta-MAX® For Men , another great product designed to support men’s health, is formulated with a botanical blend including saw palmetto, pygeum, lycopene and stinging nettle in addition to 6 essential vitamins and 3 amino acids to provide overall nutritional support for every man.

It’s important to keep in mind that, no matter what lifestyle changes you implement and what vitamins or supplements you take, seeing results will take time. Be patient, be consistent and stay the course - your health is worth it!

Get started on the right track by finding the right supplements to meet your individual needs and implementing these top health tips for men.

Note: Always check with a healthcare provider before taking any supplements. This is especially critical if you’re taking prescription medicine to make sure there’s not going to be an interaction.

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