For the last 50 years, Country Life Vitamins has been proudly dedicated to providing consumers with reliable nutritional and lifestyle products.

From gut health to multivitamins, skincare to physical fitness, we believe in formulating products using only the highest quality ingredients.

What Is The Great List?

With this commitment to providing quality products, comes our promise to support and uplift those same consumers, with tools and platforms to inspire greatness in all areas of their lives.

That’s why this past summer, Country Life Vitamins created The Great List - a platform that celebrates and honors everyday people, inspirational leaders, impactful community members and overall doers of good.

With this exciting newest initiative, comes The Great List’s Founding Members - a stellar lineup of fearless leaders who exemplify and embody the values that Country Life Vitamins holds so dear both in their products, and their community outreach.

Meet the Founding Members:

  • Dr. Elvis Francois - Orthopedic Surgeon who completed a 5-year residency at The Mayo Clinic, as well as a 3-month spine surgery fellowship at Harvard Medical School.
  • Rohan Murphy - Nationally recognized youth motivational speaker.
  • Katie Crenshaw - Leader of the “Her Body Can” movement, and body positivity advocate and speaker.
  • Taylor Marae - Registered Dietician specializing in functional/mental health, and anxiety awareness advocate.

Powering Greatness

In the month of July, Country Life Vitamins opened up the first nomination window for The Great List, inviting anyone across the country to nominate individuals that they felt fit embodied the Country Life mission of “Powering Greatness.”

Our hope was to offer a supportive platform to selected individuals and their often under recognized work within their community. We’re pleased to share that after receiving some truly incredible submissions, we have selected our newest members of The Great List!

2021 Great List Winners

Karen Ricardo

Karen Ricardo is an administrative organizer whose charitable work has changed the lives of communities all across the globe. An organizer of collection drives for Dress For Success and The Grace Institute, Karen has raised nearly $10k a year to benefit The National Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of her younger sister. She founded a charity that raised enough money to build a village in an area of the Philippines decimated by a typhoon, started a neighborhood plant share/exchange in her community, and continues to care for ailing family members with grace, kindness, and an endless amount of compassion.

Susan Robinson

Susan Robinsons is a volunteer who’s on a mission to make every childhood magical. Since 2019, Susan has partnered with Utah Foster Care, local makers, and compassionate souls around the world to create hundreds of custom-made dolls for children in foster care. Susan collects high-quality 18-inch dolls and makes them over to reflect the children receiving them, offering a permanent friend for children in situations that are often

marked with uncertainty and change. Susan has recruited dozens of makers dedicated to sewing dresses, styling wigs, and even 3D-printing toys and accessories. You can donate to her Amazon Wishlist here.

Brunna Martins

Brunna Martins is the embodiment of selflessness. When Brunna saw through social media that her hospital coworker Helen Stiuso’s husband was in desperate need of a kidney, she stepped up and donated her own. Having never met her The Great List nominee, Helen Stiuso, or her husband in need until days before the surgery, she is regarded as an angel by the family, and here at Country Life Vitamins, we definitely agree!.

Power Your Greatness!

Country Life Vitamins is pleased to recognize the 2021 The Great List winners with a certificate to celebrate their induction, as well as $500 worth of Country Life products that we’re certain will help them power their greatness even further.

We’re also honored to make a donation on behalf of each of our winners to like-minded charities like No Barriers, Angela’s House and DoSomething.

Keep your eyes on The Great List nomination page, where anyone who nominates gets 15% off a future order, plus $20 for referring friends, as a thank you for helping shine light on the inspirational people who make up The Great List!

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