This is the third edition in a 5 part series about the Country Life® Pledge of Integrity. The integrity of our products and our company is of great importance to us. On every one of the Country Life® products we have our “Pledge of Integrity” printed because it stands for our commitment to our customers that each and every one of our products measures up to all 5 of these Integrity Standards, which are:

  1. Authenticity of Ingredients
  2. Cleanliness of Ingredients
  3. Freshness of Ingredients
  4. Consistency of the Formula
  5. Accuracy of Labeling

In this series we will review each of the integrity standards and what they mean to Country Life® and what they mean and represent to you as our customer.

Point 3 of our standards is about Freshness of Ingredients. How do you know when something is fresh? It’s not wilted, or decayed, or less potent, right? This third pillar of our Integrity is about the “freshness” or potency of our raw materials used to make our products. Country Life® manufactures our products at our GMP certified facility in Hauppauge, New York.

Making a Country Life product starts with our tested raw materials (see Part 1 of this series, Authenticity of Ingredients, to learn about our testing standards). The materials to make each product are gathered to allow us to manufacture the specific tablet, capsule, or powder item. Then it is bottled and packaged immediately so you can be assured of product potency throughout its shelf life.

You can see the first three pillars of our Pledge of Integrity focus on the ingredients used to make each of our amazing Country Life® products. The steps we have taken to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products start with providing the highest quality raw materials.

With Integrity as our #1 ingredient in all our products, it’s our goal to support all our customers as they #PowerTheirGreatness!

Next up in this series we examine what it takes to meet Consistency of the Formulas.

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