What better time to talk about sustainability than April – aka Earth Month!

Many of us have heard of “Earth Day” for decades but did you know that we also have “Earth Month”? Have you ever wondered how this movement got started? Back in 1968 the term “Global Clean Up Month” was the first “named” grass roots focus on sustainability and supporting conservation and protection of our environment. Then, in 1970, the term became “Earth Month” with the same focus on protecting our environment. Earth Day led to the passage of environmental laws like the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And, after 53 years, we are still fighting many of the same issues – excessive carbon footprint, water waste, pollution, etc.


We are, however, seeing more awareness and participation by individuals as well as companies when it comes to focusing on sustainability and more conscious efforts to decrease pollution and waste. In over 190 countries more than 1 BILLION people mobilize on the official “Earth Day”, April 22nd of each year, in an effort to support environmental protection. It’s a time to not only raise awareness of the need to protect our environment, review ways to clean up our waste, and seek new and improved methods to reduce our carbon footprint, but it is also a time to honor and recognize the achievements of this movement.

Customers in the Natural Channel are also focusing on sustainability. Reports show that approximately 77% of all shoppers believe sustainability is important when selecting products for purchase. However, 78% don’t know how to identify environmentally friendly companies. One way would be to look at the company’s certifications.

Perhaps you’ve been hearing about companies stating they are B Corp Certified. Do you know what that means? This is a multi-faceted certification that involves many different aspects of the particular business measuring how a company can positively impact not only the environment but also its workers, the community, its customers and its suppliers. So if you’re looking for a company that could align with your sustainability goals, look for a B Corp certified company.

Other certifications that might support decreasing a company’s carbon footprint or meet more sustainability goals might include using or supporting alternative energy sources? Do they recycle? Are the products they make able to be recycled? What about packaging? Are products organic? Non-GMO? Plant based?

All these factors can be attributes for a company not only providing high quality products but also being aware of the fact that it’s important to work towards protecting our environment.

One exceptional company looking out for our planet is Country Life®. Encompassing a family of brands, Country Life Vitamins and minerals, Biochem protein and sports nutrition, and Desert Essence supply products for all your personal care needs, Country Life® LLC is the company to trust.

In 2007 Country Life® was aware of the importance of clean energy and began supporting wind energy production by buying back wind credits to off set the company’s energy use. Also in 2007 they began getting products certified vegan and/or vegetarian through the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).

In 2013 the Country Life® manufacturing facility became a USDA Certified Organic manufacturing facility and is also working with the Non-GMO Project Verification organization to get many of their products Non-GMO verified.

In 2016 Country Life® received B Corp certification further demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and supporting many local and international causes. Receiving B Corp certification entails many aspects of the business and there are rigorous inspections done throughout the company before this prestigious certification is awarded.

Biochem Protein was Non-GMO tested by IGEN and received that Certification in 2018. Using recyclable packaging whenever possible is at the forefront of planning for the future.

Taking things one step farther, Country Life® also uses recyclable shipping materials!

Country Life® is proud of what is being done within all 3 brands to support sustainability and conservation. They are so proud of their efforts and commitment to their customers there is a Pledge of Integrity on their products committing to the authenticity, cleanliness, freshness, consistency, and accuracy of every product.

If you are committed to Earth Month and Earth Day and are looking for products manufactured by a company sharing your goals, Country Life® Vitamins and Biochem Protein are the brands for you!

Designed to #PowerYourGreatness to #NextLevelLiving via sustainable products.

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