Curious about how to improve focus and concentration? You’re in the right place! This week the Country Life spotlight is back on Dr. Audrey Ross - Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Senior National Educator for Country Life Vitamins.

We’re recapping the most recent “Take 10 For Your Health” episode from our Facebook Live Series, where Dr. Audrey talks about the gut/brain connection, and how to support memory, focus and concentration in children and adults alike.

Keep reading to learn about her favorite supplements to help support brain health!

As always, we’re not here to diagnose, treat or prescribe. Dr. Audrey’s goal as Country Life’s Senior National Educator is to empower and inspire you through information, so that you can power your own greatness!

Supplements To Support Memory & Recall

First up on Dr. Audrey’s list of her favorite brain-supporting supplements is Sharp Thought.

This single ingredient supplement may improve memory and focus. It was researched through a double blind, placebo controlled, gold standard study on an elderly population.

Sharp Thought®

Sharp Thought® contains conjugated Phosphatidylserine (PS) and DHA from high-quality omega-3 fatty acids. Sharp Gold PS is a clinically studied ingredient that helps memory, supports our brain cells, as well as the message carried between them.**

Next up is Country Life’s Gut Connection® Cognitive Balance™.

As technology advances and science expands, our understanding of the gut/brain connection continues to develop. Dr. Audrey is passionate about Country Life’s Gut Connection supplement line because it contains a whole food fermentate which benefits the microbiome, as well as Cognivia™† - a plant-based ingredient derived from sage leaf that’s shown to support word recall and memory.**

Gut Connection™ Cognitive Balance™

Country Life’s Gut Connection® Cognitive Balance™ is a specialized formula with ingredients that focus on the brain-gut axis to support clear thinking and memory, contains a powerful prebiotic blend to maintain gut health and support communication between your central nervous and digestive systems.

Kids Supplements

Good news! Dr. Audrey’s favorite Gut Connection supplement is also available in a special formula just for kids, with all of the same great benefits! Check out Gut Connection® Kids Cognitive Balance™ - an easy-to-ingest chewable that makes supporting your child’s brain health fun and delicious!

Gut Connection® Kids Cognitive Balance™

With fun and tasty animal-shaped chewables, kids will love taking this supplement. Cognitive Balance™ contains a powerful prebiotic blend to maintain gut health and support communication between your kids central nervous and digestive systems.**


That’s a wrap on this Country Life Vitamins recap of another Dr. Audrey’s “Take 10 For Your Health” episode!

Stay tuned to our Facebook Live Series for more quick health tips, and don’t forget to visit Country Life Vitamins for the newest supplements that help support cognition, retention, and performance.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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