It's the holiday season – the time of the year for social gatherings and celebration and of course, indulgence in those delicious holiday family treats (grandma’s famous stuffing or maybe Aunt Sue’s glazed Brussel sprouts or even mom’s secret recipe pumpkin pie) – that are not a usual part of our daily healthy diets. Over eating, eating foods we’re not used to or foods we have trouble digesting often can cause occasional gas and bloating symptoms. But does this really have to be the case? Is there a way we can support our digestive tract so that we can help reduce the occurrence of these symptoms? Do we have to avoid all those holiday “goodies”? There is no perfect yes or no answer but let’s look at some options for you to consider.

The challenges of gas and bloating are, to say the least, unpleasant and can be real concerns for both men and women. In an effort to relieve the symptoms we often search out something that can provide quick relief. However, experiencing these symptoms on a regular basis is not considered normal. You might want to take some time and look a little bit deeper as to what options you might consider to support a better digestive tract. (Note: Always contact your Health Care Provider for any medical questions you have and before adding to or changing your current diet, exercise or supplement routine)

Have you heard the term “microbiome”? Do you know what makes up the microbiome? Simply put, the microbiome is the community of organisms (not human cells) that work together with our body to keep us healthy, send signals to the brain, help digest our food and absorb vital nutrients. Yes, those probiotics you take become part of your microbiome but there are many other components associated with the microbiome. However, there is a delicate balance that should be maintained so all these organisms can perform the multitude of tasks they need to do. So, what can we do to support that balance?

There is an amazing researched ingredient, Epicor®, a whole food fermentate, that has been shown to support a balanced microbiome as well as decrease occasional gas and bloating! The ingredient Epicor® has been around for over 70 years. It has been studied at Ghent University (in Belgium) and has been shown to have  some very impressive and positive effects on the gut. With a daily dose of 630 mg Epicor® was shown to increase butyrate production (an important component of the gut lining) and balance the microbiome. It has GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) the manufacturer submitted a New Dietary Ingredient Notification (NDIN) to FDA.  With a healthy gut our body has a much better chance of functioning at its peak level.

The Epicor® ingredient can be found in Country Life’s Gut Connection line of products (for adults and children) and should be considered an important supplement to add to your daily routine. The Gut Connection product line is not only great for gut health, but also supports the immune system and includes condition specific ingredients, so it’s easy to select the product that’s right for you.

In addition to gas and bloating, there are other symptoms you might experience during the holiday season as well. Perhaps you suffer from occasional acid indigestion or heartburn. Heartburn can be very uncomfortable and how to find the fastest way to relieving that feeling is probably at the forefront of your thoughts. There are many over the counter options available to us today but how do you know which one works the best? And are they safe?  This is where it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients lists. It’s wise to avoid unnecessary additives or chemicals or talc ingredients. A great clean option available to help with that occasional heartburn is Country Life’s Acid Rescue, that has no fillers like talc or cornstarch, no added sugars AND is an excellent source of calcium!

Not only does Acid Rescue’s clean formula begin to neutralize stomach acid with just two chewable tablets, both flavors taste great without having any added sugars! Calm your occasional heartburn with Acid Rescue and enjoy all of your holiday feasts!

This is the beginning of a great holiday season and a time to celebrate with good food, friends and family and not have to worry about digestive issues. However, these challenges could arise but you now have suggestions on how to minimize and relieve those uncomfortable feelings.

Enjoy the holidays!

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