Can you believe 2023 is almost here! Are you ready to make 2023 your best year ever? Maybe reduce some of the stress you’ve been dealing with? Start that exercise routing you’ve been thinking about? What are your goals for the upcoming year?

Yes, setting realistic goals is part of the process. Some of us thrive on setting goals while others of us struggle to make that list. And then there are those of us who fall somewhere in the middle. No matter which category you fall into, the new year brings with it the understanding that many of us make some kind of “New Year’s Resolutions” or “Goals for the New Year” or maybe focus on a decision to implement some sort of positive change in our lives. No matter what you call it, the new year brings the thoughts of new beginnings and an opportunity to make some changes. However, you don’t have to wait for the new year to make changes or set new goals – you can do that any time – but the new year is one of the most popular times for many of us.

What are some of the more popular goals people have? Lose weight, exercise more and/or get healthy – right? Have you ever set one or more of these as a goal for yourself?

So, let’s think about how to #PowerYourGreatness and consider adding or adjusting your supplements to assist you in accomplishing this goal. We all know that we should eat a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, quality protein, carbohydrates, low fat dairy and good fats. And even though we all know what we should do we sometimes fall short of consuming exactly what we should. This is where supplements can help fill the gaps in our nutritional needs.

One way to consider filling those gaps and to support your basic nutritional needs would be to take a whole food or food based multivitamin. Always review the supplement facts panel to see exactly what you are getting in the product you select. An excellent choice for a multivitamin would be one of the Country Life® Core Daily 1 multis. You can select gender specific (men’s and women’s) and also, if you are 50 or older, there are options in this line for you as well.

What to do next now becomes less matter of fact and more personalized. There are a number of things to consider as you add supplements to your routine. And always remember to consult your health care provider whenever you add or change your supplements.

Perhaps your focus is on your bones and how to support bone health. Perhaps you’re looking for a calcium supplement or maybe are already taking one. Did you know the majority of calcium in your bone is in the form known as hydroxyapatite? Have you looked the supplement facts panel (not just the front of the package) on calcium supplements? Many are not in the hydroxyapatite form. One of the best choices for a calcium supplement product is Country Life® Target-Mins® Calcium Magnesium Complex. This product provides excellent bone support.

What about energy? Do you feel you need some additional energy support? Instead of reaching for that afternoon cup of coffee or energy drink, maybe try a Coenzyme B-Complex. What does Coenzyme mean? It means these B-Vitamins are biologically active to support utilization. Are you already taking a B-Complex? Do you know if you have all 7 coenzyme B’s in your B-Complex? Have you tried the Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex? If you haven’t you might give this amazing product a try. Because B-Vitamins are water soluble and we use them up quickly, taking a B-Complex around lunch time might be just what you need to power through your afternoon.

Have you been dealing with any stress lately? Maybe you don’t remember when you weren’t stressed. We can’t totally eliminate stress in our lives, but we can manage stress. There’s meditation, breathing exercises, walking, talking with someone, exercising, yoga, and all those other things we’ve heard about to help us manage stress. But there are also supplements that can support a healthy stress response. Adaptogens like ashwagandha have been used for years to support stress management. Did you know you also use up B-Vitamins during times of stress? Country Life® has an amazing product, Stress Shield, that provides those amazing coenzyme B’s plus ashwagandha that supports emotional well-being as well as energy.

Make you resolutions or goals so you can #PowerYourGreatess for 2023.

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