Summer is here and in full swing – shorts and swimsuits everywhere! Are you ready for the beach? Or the backyard pool? Wishing the extra inches around the middle would disappear? Maybe the appearance of cellulite on your hips and thighs or that stubborn abdominal fat is making you feel a bit uncomfortable in those “Daisy Dukes”?

Never fear – Country Life® Vitamins is here!!

Country Life® has just introduced an amazing new product, Metabolism Reboot®, that can address those cellulite and body fat concerns.

Before we go any further, it’s important to remember to check with your Health Care Provider before starting or changing your current diet, exercise, and/or supplement routine.

Now, let’s get to the details of this exciting new product. Utilizing clinically studied ingredients, Sinetrol® (shown to reduce body fat, abdominal fat, and waist size) along with SOD B Dimpless® (shown to reduce visible cellulite˄), Metabolism Reboot® is definitely your supplement choice for your summer body!* But how does this all work? What can these ingredients do to support what you see in the mirror? We should begin by understanding some basics about metabolism, fat, and cellulite.

First, what is metabolism? Metabolism is the conversion of food and/or drink into energy. What you eat and drink every day fuels you metabolism. Additionally, your body can also use stored fat for energy after it has used up the contents of your digestive tract from your food and drink. The energy produced by your metabolism is fueling things like breathing, blood circulation, food digestion, regulating your body temperature, and even things like maintaining hormone levels. So, you can see how important metabolism is to the body. Staying alive requires energy and that energy is produced by your metabolism.

But what happens as we age? Our metabolism can slow down. This can be due to loss of muscle mass, inactivity, or even genetics. Your metabolism can slow down even as early as your 30’s depending on your activity levels and your genetics! This is where an amazing ingredient called Sinetrol® can provide support. Let’s review the science.

Sinetrol® is a combination of citrus polyphenols from red-orange, grapefruit and orange combined with Guarana (a type of climbing plant native to the Amazon) extract which provides low levels of caffeine. This ingredient combination (citrus polyphenols and guarana extract) has been clinically studied and has been shown, when taken regularly over a 16 week period of time, to reduce body fat, abdominal fat and waist circumference. AMAZING, RIGHT?! *

But what about that “other” concern we have – cellulite?

Cellulite – what is it and why do we get that bumpy dimply looking skin?

Cellulite occurs when fat collects in pockets just below the surface of the skin, usually on the hips, thighs, buttocks and even the abdomen. As the fat cells increase in size they push up against the skin while the connective tissue in the skin holds strong and pulls down – thus creating the “dimply” appearance. Cellulite is very common, in both women and men, and it is found in people of all body shapes from very lean to not so lean. It’s just “there”!  However, it is not harmful to our overall health – it just doesn’t look so great.

If you do a web search about cellulite you may or may not find reliable information. There is much written about topical treatments or medical procedures that can be very expensive and may only provide short term results. Some topical treatments could also cause skin irritation. The truth is that your best bet when it comes to cellulite is looking to support your skin from the inside out and review your diet and exercise routine to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. It’s back to the basics we know about good nutrition – avoiding processed foods and sugars, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and making sure you’re getting exercise and staying hydrated. However, even if we do all the “right” things, we unfortunately can still develop cellulite.

There is another option to support the reduction in visible cellulite. It is a clinically studied ingredient, SOD B Dimpless®. (Note:  we don’t test for SOD content) The study shows that in as little as 28 days, consuming 40 mg per day of SOD B Dimpless® melon concentrate there is a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite. AND, after just 56 days (that’s less than two months) there is an 11.3% visible reduction in the dimply appearance of the skin!˄*

This is why Metabolism Reboot® should be at the top of your list of supplements to help you support body fat reduction as well as reducing the appearance of visible cellulite. Easy to incorporate into your daily routine by taking 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with lunch, Metabolism Reboot® could be your answer to reducing body fat and the appearance of cellulite so you can #PowerYourGreatness!*

Remember to always check with your Health Care Provider before starting or changing your current diet, exercise, and/or supplement routine.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,  or prevent any disease.

^Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study with a daily intake of 40 mg SOD B Dimpless in healthy women 31-50 years (visually measured cellulite on thighs). Study results compared SOD B Dimpless to placebo.  The improvement in visible cellulite reduction occurred in 71% and 67% of the treatment group (women who consumed SOD B Dimpless) after 28 and 56 days, respectively.  Individual results may vary.

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