No matter our age, our hair and its healthy appearance is something many of us pay attention to and is an expression of our personality. In our 20’s and 30’s many of us may not have been focused on our hair or hair health. But as we age, and we start seeing changes in the strength or thickness of our hair, we might start thinking about what could be done promote healthy hair and those gorgeous locks.

It’s important to understand how your hair growth and health are affected by diet, aging, hormones, medical conditions, stress, environmental challenges, and so much more. Harvard Medical School publishes some great information on many topics and has provided some interesting information about hair. They say getting healthy hair “..involves providing your hair with certain nutrients, practicing basic hygiene, and following certain guidelines for using shampoo and other hair products.”

Questions you might ask yourself:

  1. Am I consuming a healthy diet?
  2. Am I using the correct hair care products for my type of hair?
  3. Do I take any supplements to support my hair?
  4. Am I coloring or processing my hair that might be causing damage?
  5. Have I experienced any life changing events? (illness, excess stress, hormonal issues, etc.)
  6. What changes have I noticed in my hair? (thinning, breakage, etc.)
  7. What do I want to achieve?

Identifying some specifics might help you decide the steps you need to support your beautiful hair.

The Cleveland Clinic notes that you are born with over 1 million hair follicle on your head and your hair follicle is one of the few structures in your body that can stop functioning and then restart again. Good news right?

As reported by the Cleveland Clinic hair grows in cycles within your hair follicle:

  • Anagen (growth): The first phase of hair growth takes between two to seven years. Growth begins at the root (dermal papilla) in your hair follicle, which gives your hair blood supply and the nutrients it needs to grow. Your hair grows about 1 centimeter per month.
  • Catagen (rest): The second phase of hair growth occurs when the hair transitions from a growing phase to a resting phase, which takes about two weeks. During this phase, your hair detaches from your blood supply.
  • Telogen (shed): The final phase of hair growth is the inactive phase, where your hair sheds or falls out of your hair follicle. This phase takes up to four months.

National Institutes of Health provides more information regarding hair growth but also reminds us that it is normal to shed some hair daily – 70 to 100 hairs per day.

Remember to contact your Health Care Provider before changing your supplement regimen or suspect a medical condition.

Now let’s look at a common occurrence – aging. As many of us know, as we age things start to change – wrinkles appear, hormones change, metabolism slows down, gray hair starts to show up, hair seems to be shedding more and maybe even seeing a decrease in thickness or fullness of your hair. What can you do?

Thanks to research and science there are nutritional ingredients that are helping many people support strength and structure in their hair. We know B Vitamins play a role in supporting the hair, but there are other things that can be added to provide additional support. One clinically studied ingredient is Cynatine®HNS soluble keratin with vitamins and minerals that has been shown to improve the strength and structure of mature hair, reduce age-related hair loss and shedding, and supports hair growth.

Country Life® has combined this amazing Cynatine® HNS soluble keratin with B Vitamins, Zinc and Copper into a new product that is part of their award winning beauty supplement line – Maxi-Hair® 50+!

This vegetarian product is specifically designed to support mature hair and rounds out the Country Life® Maxi-Hair® line of products.

Country Life® wants to #PowerYourGreatness when it comes to your hair supplement needs. With an extensive line of products designed for both men and women you will be able to select one of these high-quality items to support your individual hair health essentials.

Do whatever best suits your needs to support that healthy, shiny, strong hair!

It’s best to consult your Heath Care Provider before changing your current supplement regimen.

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