The lazy days of summer are in the rear view mirror and now we are looking ahead to another exciting and fun filled school year. But to keep the “fun” in this upcoming year, it’s important we look at what we can do to support our health and stay focused to get the most out of these important learning times as we can. As we have been hearing for quite some time now, having a healthy gut should be one of the first things to think about when considering our overall health. If we can’t absorb and utilize the nutrients we consume (either via our foods or supplements) it can be a challenge to stay healthy. And without a healthy gut, it’s difficult to absorb these nutrient metabolites. So, lets look at some basics regarding gut health.

We’ve heard the term “microbiome” being used more frequently over the last several years than ever before. But what IS a microbiome? Simply put, a microbiome is the community of organisms (not human cells) that work together with our body to keep us healthy. Yes those probiotics you take become part of your microbiome. However there is a delicate balance that should be maintained so all these organisms can perform the tasks they need to do. And what can we do to support that balance?

There is an amazing researched ingredient, Epicor®, a whole food fermentate, that has been shown to support a balanced microbiome! This ingredient can be found in Country Life’s Gut Connection line of products (for adults and children) and should be considered an important supplement to add to your daily routine. This product line is not only great for gut health, but also supports the immune system and is also condition specific, so it’s easy to select the product that’s right for you.

In addition to gut health, many of us think about brain and eye health and turn to DHA supplements. DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid, often derived from fish sources, that is abundant in the brain and the retina of the eye. A GREAT way to get 100 mg of DHA in a delicious gummy is with Country Life’s Dolphin Pals DHA Gummies. These GFCO Certified Gluten Free gummies are a favorite for kids and adults!

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