How many of us sometimes wish we had more energy? Do we schedule more than we have time for OR have the energy to accomplish? And we’re no longer in the laid back days of summer, so maybe you are feeling it’s time to find something to help you with just a little boost to keep you going throughout your busy day.

Enter B-Vitamins! Many of us already think “B’s” when we are looking for that energy support. B Vitamins do more than just support energy production, they also support carbohydrate metabolism, immune system support, cardiovascular and nervous system support. They are an essential (must be consumed) water soluble nutrient and due to inadequate diet and lifestyle challenges we might not be getting enough of these important nutrients. But are you aware that all B’s are NOT created equal? Have you ever opened a bottle of B-Vitamins and were greeted with that less than pleasant “vitamin” smell? Not a favorable experience. So is there a B Vitamin that doesn’t have that smell?

The answer is YES! Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex is a supplement containing all your basic B-Vitamins including 7 coenzyme B’s! Coenzyme means a biologically active form supporting utilization of these nutrients. Additionally, the Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex doesn’t have the unpleasant smell and can be taken on an empty stomach. Even if you are taking another B-Complex, give this amazing product a try for a month and see how different you might feel.

If you need a little more of a boost, think about other ingredients that could support hydration and endurance – think coconut water and naturally occurring caffeine to help support energy. Coconut water can provide important electrolytes to support your body’s hydration, so a product that would contain freeze dried coconut water would be an excellent choice for electrolytes. And for naturally occurring caffeine think Coffeeberry®, a coffee fruit extract that would contain that naturally occurring caffeine.

A delicious product meeting these needs would be Country Life’s Beet and B Energizer. Add this wonderful powder to your water instead of reaching for an energy drink that might contain artificial ingredients and no electrolytes.

Keep your energy levels at right where you want them with these amazing Country Life products and #Power Your Greatness!

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