May brings warmer temperatures, blossoming flowers, Mother’s Day celebrations, fresh air and a feeling of new beginnings as trees bud out and new life appears. What a great time to also think about new ideas for your own self care!

We often forget about “self care”. Our hectic lives and tight schedules sometimes overshadow our taking time to take care of ourselves. You might not have time in your schedule for a day at the spa. Or you might even have trouble fitting in time for exercise! However, you can still take care of yourself in other ways.

Have you looked at your supplements? Your diet? You eat every day and you probably take at least a couple supplements every day, right? Let’s take a look to see if you can incorporate some self care into you daily routine without having to make any major changes, because we know as humans, change can sometimes be a challenge for us.

Diet of course is something we all can probably do a little bit better at. And when we think of self care we sometimes forget that diet is a form of self care. Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you drinking enough water? Did you know that dehydration can show up in you skin? We know about “dry” skin, but did you know about “dehydrated” skin? There is a difference. Dry skin doesn’t have enough oil to hold moisture in. Dehydrated skin lacks moisture from the inside – needs more water. Your skin protects you so you want to keep it hydrated so it can work the way it’s supposed to. That brings us to an easy self care option – drink plenty of water every day!

How do you see yourself in the mirror? Do you say “I should do…… help with……….” or “if I had time I would…….”. The time is now! Some of us look in the mirror and wish our hair and nails looked better, or our skin looked brighter. And sometimes we think it would take a lot of work to make any difference. But that’s not the case!

We’ve just discussed staying hydrated, which plays a big part of how your skin looks. But what about you hair and nails? Did you know there are supplements you can add into your daily routine that will take less than a minute to consume? Can you find just one minute to give your body some great nutrients that can make a difference in your hair, skin and nails?

Country Life® has a fantastic line of products, the Maxi-Hair line, that provide nutrients designed to support healthy hair, skin and nails As a leader in innovative new beauty supplements, Country Life has created these amazing formulas with our customers in mind. The Maxi-Hair product is two tablets per day and contains 2,000 mcg of biotin aiding in the production of keratin – a building block of healthy hair, skin, and nails! Maxi-Hair® Plus is a four capsule dose and contains 5,000 mcg of biotin. Both of these products are certified vegetarian and gluten-free.

Our self care might also look at what we can do for our skin. To support collagen production we think of taking a collagen supplement. But all collagen is not created equal. And knowing which form of collagen to take is also important. There are many different types of collagen – up to 28 according to some research. However, over 90% of ALL the collagen in your body is Type I collagen. So Type I collagen should be in whatever collagen product you decide to take.

Whenever you are considering taking a collagen product one of the most important things to look for is a collagen in a hydrolyzed peptide form. This means the collagen molecule is broken down into a smaller size so it is easier for the body to absorb and utilize it. Next you should look into the research. Does the collagen you are planning on taking have research to show it works? Not just that collagen works, but does the specific ingredient you’re taking have research that can document the results?

At Country Life® our bovine collagen products contain Verisol® collagen. Verisol® collagen has research that shows with consuming ONLY 2.5 grams per day test subjects had a 60% increase in the dermis level of collagen. And that’s where wrinkles start. Additionally, the test subjects were an average in age of 55, so these results were amazing. Look at your supplement facts panel and make sure you’re getting Verisol® collagen so you can expect some skin enhancing  results.

Country Life® offers several options for you when it comes to collagen products. You can choose the Maxi-Skin Collagen, which comes in powder and tablet form, and provides you with the exact researched amount of the Verisol® collagen proven to support dermis levels of collagen. Or, if you want a little extra collagen and some biotin, the Maxi-Collagen 7000 would be an excellent choice.

No matter what you decide to do for your self care and beauty options, Country Life® is the company that can help you #PowerYourGreatness!

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