There is so much talk these days about stress! Why is stress bad for you? How can you manage stress – supplements to take, meditation and mindfulness, exercise, talk therapy, breathing techniques, yoga, even prescription medications? Is worrying about stress causing you MORE stress? The countless opinions and the list of suggestions can become overwhelming. But what is right for you? And how can you determine what avenue you should consider? Trying to figure out what option to choose might seem to add even more stress to your life!  And we all react differently – what one person finds stressful another person might not – like public speaking!

We understand that long term chronic stress can certainly have a negative impact on our health – and we all have been dealing with some aspects of added stress over the last couple of years. It’s how we handle (manage) the stress and stressors we face that becomes the important component in our quest to maintain optimal health.  What have you tried?

There are people who say “I’ve tried meditation, but I just can’t do it”, or “Yoga just isn’t my thing” – and that’s OK. You see, it’s about what works for YOU!! Not what works for someone else. The great thing about technology is we have so many options with different apps, internet sites, Instagram, Facebook, etc. where we can search for ideas and information. But – beware! Not everything that you find on social media or the internet is always the best for you. Take your time, try different coping mechanisms, and do what you feel most comfortable with that can give you that “break” from occasional stress.

Occasional stress can come from many sources including environmental, relationship, work, or emotions. You may not be able to remove the “stressor” so it’s important to be able to allow your body to activate your relaxation response on a regular basis.  National Institutes of Health can offer some ideas about relaxation and how it can benefit your overall health.

So, if you are occasionally feeling stressed, have noticed changes in how you are feeling or reacting to different situations, or have identified you are now dealing with more stress and less relaxation it might be time to check out some relaxation techniques.

There are also supplements that can provide some support. Check out Country Life’s Gut Connection Stress Balance – promoting mental calmness and can diminish occasional tension with clinically studied ingredients.

National Institutes of Health has many articles and publications associated with stress.  You can check out a few of their recommendations by visiting any one of the links below for more information from NIH.

Remember to always consult with your health care providers regarding any supplements you take. Choose the best products for you to Power Your Greatness!

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