Beginning a new year we often look at it as a fresh start, setting new goals, focusing on our health. Many of us start to look at our habits and how we can develop more healthy habits.

We have to remember, habits take time to develop. Try not to let pressure overwhelm you at the start of the new year, there is no need to achieve everything in January. Here are 5 ways to begin that journey for yourself.

  1. Start with a small and specific action

We often set goals that are too vague or broad and become overwhelming to achieve, like “getting in shape” or “walking every day”. Set more simple, achievable goals, that may sound almost silly, but that you can accomplish in less than a minute – something that doesn’t take “willpower” but something that will be working toward that broader goal and can represent an accomplishment.

  1. Pick a “trigger” for your new practice

Say you want to be more consistent taking your vitamins. Perhaps have your “trigger” be something in your everyday routine right now. Say after you start the coffee you take your supplements. Country Life Multivitamins are a great way to start your day. With a wide range of gender and age specific products you can certainly find the one to Power Your Greatness!

Maybe it’s getting more exercise so your trigger could be taking a shower. Before you jump in, do 10 jumping jacks or full body stretching.

  1. Find pleasure in your activity

If we don’t like something, we probably won’t do it. So if you’re not a fan of going to the gym, don’t “join the gym” and never go. Figure out what you would enjoy for exercise. Maybe make it a social event and walk with a friend. If you like watching TV maybe walk on the treadmill while watching.

  1. Pick one bad habit and replace it with a “good” habit

Again, keep this to a specific action, not a broad goal. Maybe if you snack on chips or candy while watching TV, switch to popcorn or frozen grapes. There is no magic number as to how long it takes to change a habit – everyone is different and each habit is different. Give yourself time and when you realize you no longer or falling into the “bad” habit and regularly doing the “good” habit – move on the item #5!!

  1. Celebrate the “wins”

No matter how small the win, celebrate it!!

Another point to consider is making that list. Holding yourself accountable, and if you need to call upon the assistance from a friend for accountability, do that. If you have broad goals – like getting in shape, or eating better, or exercising more, that’s ok, but break those broad goals down into small specific things you can do to get to your ultimate goal. Psychologically if we can check things off our “to do” list, we stay motivated and continue to move forward. And it gives us something to celebrate!

Example: (ideas just to get you started – always check with your health care provider before starting ANY exercise program)

Goal – Exercise More


  1. Do 3 squats and 3 side stretches (each side) before showering every day (do this until it becomes a habit then – celebrate and move to #2)
  2. Continue with squats and side stretches and add 3 toe touches and 3 jumping jacks (when it becomes a habit – celebrate and add more)
  3. You fill in the next steps…………..

Although this might sound extremely simple, being able to celebrate the wins will lead you to better habits. There are many websites that address how to start healthy habits or overcome bad habits and there are also professionals you can hire to guide you. Remember, you are unique and you get to decide what works for you!

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