Welcome to the middle of summer fun! Have you been enjoying back yard BBQ’s, visiting friends and family, taking a little vacation? That’s what summer usually brings for us and why we look forward to this special time of year having those great experiences.

It’s always such fun to taste those culinary creations crafted from that “secret family recipe”. Or maybe showing off your own personal cooking handiwork. Or perhaps you take this opportunity to avoid any food preparation at all and let yourself enjoy the innovations of others. No matter which area you fall into, summer seems to be the time for “foodie” experiences.

However, sometimes when we indulge in foods we’re not used to eating, or over indulge when we just can’t resist those tasty new foods we get to experience, our digestive system might give us a bit of a challenge. Have you ever had occasional acid indigestion after eating something “new”? Or suffered from occasional heart burn? These are not enjoyable experiences to say the least. But what should you do?

There are many over the counter options available to us today but how do you know which one works the best? This is where we have to pay attention to the ingredients lists. However, there is a fantastic product, Country Life’s Acid Rescue, that has no fillers like talc or cornstarch, no added sugars AND is an excellent source of calcium!

Not only does Acid Rescue’s clean formula begin to help neutralize stomach acid with just two chewable tablets, both flavors taste great without having any added sugars! Calm your occasional heart burn with Acid Rescue and enjoy all of your summer feasts!*

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